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Sims Solutions Private Label Promotions.
Everybody needs a pen or a cool cup (coffee if you are like me) BUT the point is EVERYBODY HAS ONE.
Be unique in everything you do and your business will stand out and wave "Look AT ME!" This Private Label Pepper Sauce has won over 40 National Awards and is a great addition to restuarants, business propmotions, Fun Trade Show give aways, Weddings or family events. Sims Solutions Designs Each Private label and the actual product comes from Mineral Wells, Texas. If stored in room temperature the shelf life is 2 years and it is custom to promote your business or event. Over 20 flavors to choose from.
If you are interested please contact me at 817-343-1400 or email and we will send you some samples.

Melissa is proud to offer Award Winning (over 40 national awards) Olgringo Private label pepper sauce and spices.

Click to view, fill out and or submit the pepper sauce / spice order form.

Click to view, fill out and or submit the pepper sauce gift box order form.

Pepper Sauces: Cowtown Original - Chuckwagon Chipotle - Bordertown Chipotle - TrailBoss Habanero - Gunbarrel Habanero - Cajun Cowboy - Salsa Verde - Hot Howling Hickory - MILD Howling Hickory - HOT Saddle Burn with Jolokia- Texsriracha Chili Rojo - Extreme Pequin - CRAZY HOT

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Spices: Texas Style Meat Rub - Southern Style Hickory Rub - Steak Maker Blend - Fire Salt - Cajun Spice Blend - Texas Style Chili Fixins - Chicken Rub

Pepper Sauce Gift Set: 4 bottles in each gift box

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