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Sims Solutions understands the importance of testimonials. Many people seek out what other people have to say and use that particular information as a business reference. Often I ask my customers to provide a testimonial and I am so grateful to receive both positive and negative. The good is self explanatory and the negative provides Sims Solutions the growth of being Fantastic.

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- As always your service is fast, efficient and very helpful! I realize as an 'older' website customer I am not in the modern world but thanks to you and your patience I'm getting there!!!!
Janie Kellet
Kellet Farms

- Melissa has created and maintained the website for our church and preschool for more than five years. She has done an excellent job for us and always has been responsive to our requests. She has given us good advice, helped us resolve some domain and internet difficulties, and helped us expand our communication capabilities. You can see our website at www.crowleyumc.com
Rev. Mary Gean Cope, Pastor

- Melissa you did an awesome job on the labels. The sauce is awesome and the labels are great. Thank you so much for your assistance and help in getting this all done.
Kaye McCormick

- Great Service.
Ellie Johnston
Recapco, Inc.

- Melissa Sims, of Sims Solutions has handled my two websites for several years. When she took my site over she needed to integrate an old, complicated, webpage with my current needs. In addition she needed to build a completely new website to mimic a catalog. On line since 1994 I have horror stories to tell about web management problems. In fact I hesitated for two years to have Melissa take over my sites because I was terrified I’d have new problems on top of old ones. My business has increased almost 50% in the past 3 years since Melissa began handling my sites. I attribute much of that growth to the increasing visibility of my products. She understands web construction as well as marketing. She is willing to work independently and promote my sites. She makes helpful, articulate suggestions and follows up on whatever is requested of her. She works promptly, quickly and cheerfully to accomplish what I actually want to have accomplished. If I ask for something she thinks could be improved, she tells me so. I depend on her to remind me of things I need to do, like domain registrations. I consider her a critical part of my growing business. I work in a small niche market – not Melissa’s area of interest or expertise, however she has proven that she does not need to understand my products to promote them. As long as I have a site it will be handled by Sims Solutions.
Janie Amdal

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